Thursday, May 15, 2008

Has anyone seen Franz?

Kafka, that is. I'll explain: if you've been following this blog you're now sort of familiar with Brazilian bureaucracy. Well, it's risen to new heights in my estimation ever since I read the following story in the paper: A theater director in Rio applied for official financing. A few months later, not having heard a peep from the government foundation, he decided to call them. The reason his paperwork was gathering dust on someone's desk? One of the applicants had not signed the form. Who could it be? Yeah, you guessed, Franz. The play? You've probably guessed again: The Process.

Come on, Franz, leave boring Prague and Czech bureaucracy! Coffee is better in Rio, anyway...

Speaking of absentees...I've been on the road in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul (see next post) and will be trekking again as of this coming Saturday to a more urban destination: my favorite city in South America, São Paulo.

With deepest thanks to my friend Sergio for saving the paper for me while I was gone...


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