Monday, December 24, 2007

And a Merry Christmas to All!

What does one wish the world on a holiday such as this? I pondered this question for a while and decided we could start with a healthy dose of solidarity and common sense. That should take us all a long way!

What does one give a person who has it all (meaning I, me, myself, who need very little these days!)? This one was easy! I got on a taxi and braved a spectacular traffic jam in Copacabana to enjoy a show by singer Marcos Sacramento at the Hotel Sofitel. A savvy, gifted, elegant performer, Marcos embodies the undying spirit, wit, and charm of Brazilian music. Equally irresistible whether performing a swinging samba or a romantic, plangent serenata, this gorgeous guy in dreadlocks (I couldn't resist this one!) is a superlative interpreter, who makes every song his own. What a Christmas treat!

On this happy note, quite literally, I leave my best wishes for a very joyous and prosperous 2008!

PS - You can see Marcos on YouTube, of course.


Blogger Timber Beast said...

Merry Christmas e ano novo feliz

December 26, 2007 1:45 PM  

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