Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Back Under the Christ's Armpit...

...And what are all those grinning pumpkins doing in Rio? Yesterday, I walked past one of my favorite dessert shops at the market and noticed a string of bright orange paper lanterns hanging on the window. I suddenly realized Halloween is upon us. Say what? Isn't that supposed to be an American thing? Brazil has an abundance of fascinating native/indigenous festivals already...Wouldn't you say that American music and movie blockbusters, MacDonald's, and Starbucks are enough? I've no idea who's responsible for this stupidity, but must say that I find it all very ridiculous and infuriating!

Also, an update on the previous post: said younger lover of said older politician has posed nude for the Brazilian edition of Playboy, causing waves of heavy breathing and extra salivating amongst his colleagues in the Senate. Is he quitting? Is he not? It's quite a real life soap opera in a country that has perfected the genre. Life is never dull in the tropics!


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