Guaranį (paullinea cupana) is a tropical plant with small red fruit with a high caffeine content. The people of the Amazon region in Brazil chew guaranį seeds as a source of energy or drink the powder dissolved in water. In the U.S., guaranį can be found in powdered form in health food stores. What most Americans don't know is that guaranį is also a very popular soft drink in Brazil. When I serve it to my friends they say it tastes a bit like Cream Soda. Fortunately for us guaranį lovers we can find it in Brazilian and Latin stores around the U.S. Try it! You'll like it!

If you've read this far, here's a bonus: this is a fabulous punch recipe made with guaranį and champagne. Next time you have a party, surprise your guests!

Guaranį Punch

1 can pineapple chunks

1 bottle Trčs Brut Champagne

3 cans guaranį

1 bottle of grape juice (700 ml)

Mix everything about 2 hours before serving and refrigerate covered. If you find it too sweet, add a little water.

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