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These pages are short reviews of some of our favorite CDs, both imported and U.S. releases. Click on the style of music you want and use our selections to build up a basic collection of Brazilian music or to add to your existing library. We will be adding to these pages on a regular basis, but the lists will always be rather limited; to keep up-to-date, check the labels' websites directly. There are plenty of sites out there where you can buy your favorite songs too. And you can always check YouTube and Facebook for your favorite artists. Our beloved Marcos Sacramento is there, for instance. The following Brazilian sites are terrific for news, bios, and interviews: Dicionário MPB,, Instituto Moreira Salles and a new one: Hermínio Bello de Carvalho. All the CDs donated to Maria-Brazil are now at the Sheila Thomson Collection of Brazilian Culture at Florida International University in Miami. That's the main reason why we keep these pages on the site, since we don't update them as often as we used to.

The best place online to listen to an amazing selection of Brazilian songs is Ellen Collison's Spinning in Air (plus, she's got the best name for a music blog on the Web...). And, last but not least, all our favorites are now on YouTube! If you understand Portuguese, then tune in to Rádio Funarte in Rio de Janeiro.

We deeply mourn the demise of Kuarup Discos, the ultra-extraordinary music label from Rio...No words can express how sad we feel over here! RIP! You've made history and shall remain an important part of Brazilian music history!

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