Brazilian Body Language

Enthusiastic or Sympathetic


deliciousgesture.jpg (58100 bytes)

Here's a cute one. Tug at your earlobe like this when you think something is delicious. Usually accompanied by the expression "é daqui!" Normally used only with food. Seems to be disappearing and becoming "old-fashioned."

OK, etc.

thumbsupgesture.jpg (58469 bytes)

Thumb up: means OK, cool, positive, good-luck, thanks, you're cool, I agree, like the American expression "thumbs up!" Accompanied by whatever slang of the moment to signify your approval or enthusiasm. Whatever you do, DO NOT do the American OK's VERY close to an extremely obscene Brazilian gesture. To say thank you, give the thumbs up sign and say "valeu." Brazilians don't usually say "thanks," they seem to prefer something like "valeu," "valeu, meu irmão" and similar expressions.

She's got it made!

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Put your thumbs under your armpits and wiggle your fingers to indicate that you or someone else is living the good life, is on the top of the world.

Brazilian Body Language