Brazilian Body Language

Eat & Drink

Let's Eat

eatgesture.jpg (86680 bytes)

Hold you hand in front of your mouth like this and shake your fingers up and down. Means the grub's on the table!

Let's Have a Cafezinho

cafezinhogesture.jpg (65344 bytes)

Hold your thumb and index finger in front of your mouth, about two inches apart, as an invitation to have a "cafezinho." Of course, Brazilians would have a gesture to invite someone for an espresso!

Let's Have a Beer

drunkgesture.jpg (68290 bytes)

Hold your hand in front of your mouth like this and move it slightly towards you. It's an invitation for a drink, usually a beer or an ice-cold "chopinho" or draft beer. With that heat, it's no wonder...Remember, though, no drink and drive! Be safe and make sure everyone else is too!

Brazilian Body Language