Belém do Pará

One of the most fascinating places in Belém do Pará, on the Amazon delta, is the river market called Ver-o-Peso (Check-the-Weight). Here are some of my favorite photographs from the market. The first two images are the fragrant "capim de cheiro"; the colorful bowls are for the famous soup called "tacacá" and the guy is separating "maniva" or manioc leaves to grind for the regional dish "maniçoba." The yellow peppers are called "pimenta de cheiro" and the yellow bottled liquid is the "tucupi," a sauce prepared from manioc roots for dishes such as "pato ao tucupi." The yellow fruit are pupunhas. The long straw tubes are the "tipitis" that have been used for centuries to extract manioc juices to prepare manioc starch, tapioca, tucupi, etc. And I wish I had bought one of these marvelous bags!

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